A Guide to Choosing the Right Scooter Size by Age

Just because you can ride a scooter of any size doesn’t mean you should, or it’s even safe. Scooters come in all sizes to accommodate different ages and different-size riders. For everyday riding, a scooter that is the right size for your body is going to provide not only the most enjoyable experience but also the safest. You wouldn’t want your three-year-old to ride on an adult scooter; just as you wouldn’t want an adult riding on your three-year-old’s child scooter. Getting the right size scooter for the rider is important. It’s not any different than needing to get the right size bicycle. Again, you wouldn’t start your three-year-old on an adult bike and it’s no different for scooters. Use this guide to choose the right scooter size by age to help you get the right one.

Scooter Size by Age

Scooter Size by Age


If you have a toddler and don’t want to leave them out of the fun, you don’t have to. You know your toddler wants to do everything his older sibling or dad is doing; this time he doesn’t have to be left out. There are some child scooters which have the option of a parent handle, allowing children as young as 12 months to ride along. With a few adjustments, the scooter can be converted to a regular child’s scooter as your child gets bigger. The best thing is, your child will feel like he’s keeping up while you don’t have to sacrifice on safety.

Two-Three Years Old

By the age of two, toddlers usually have the necessary skills for riding a scooter; they just need time to understand how it works. The more wheels a scooter has, the better it is for kids who are this young and just learning, so choose a scooter with 3–4 wheels. It will not only be easier for your child to ride, but it will also help him keep his balance. The best option is actually a 3-wheeler, with two in the front and one in the back. Four-wheelers may be too heavy, and having two wheels in the back is a big tripping/stumbling potential for your young one.

Three-Four Years Old

How many wheels there are depends on whether or not your child has any experience riding a scooter. If he does, you can go with two wheels, but make sure the deck is still the wider version designed for younger children. If your child is just beginning, get the three-wheeler mentioned above in the two- to three-year-old section.

Up to Five Years Old

You can choose among a few brands and styles with two wheels, but make sure to still get a wide deck or platform and brakes. It’s important for your child to learn how to speed up, control it, and apply the brake as needed.

Six-Eight Years Old

By the time your child is 6-8, he may have already been riding, but even if he hasn’t been, he can still manage a scooter easier. By this age, your child’s scooter should have two wheels, be lightweight, and a narrower deck or platform. If your child is an experienced rider, you can choose a trick model scooter at this time. A trick model is not dangerous, even if it may sound so, and it will actually help your child to develop physically.

10+ Years Old

If by this age your child still wants to ride a scooter, you should choose an advanced model with a more maneuverable platform that’s more stable. If he’s riding now, it’s more than likely a hobby and his scooters need to grow as he does.

As your child grows, he needs a scooter to match his height. It’s important for your child’s safety that he rides in the right position and an inaccurate height can cause incorrect posture which can lead to sore back and arm muscles. Take your child with you when deciding which size. He should have a straight posture when riding with his arms slightly bent at the elbows. When standing beside the scooter, the handlebars should come to your child’s chest. (Not when he’s standing on it, but beside it.)

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