The Best Scooter Handlebar Height for Kids, Teenagers and Adults


Rider comfort is vital and knowing how to choose the correct handlebar size is important. Scooter handlebar height and width is based on the riders height for ensuring the best performance and comfortable freestyle riding. Although it depends on how a rider uses his scooter and his preferences, the rule of thumb for handlebar height is between hip to waist when standing on the deck flatfooted. If the bars come up above the rider’s waist, it will be more difficult to control the scooter, possibly leading to losing control of the scooter completely. This can be dangerous when the rider is performing tricks.

Stunt scooters are usually lower than standard scooters, but choosing a height is also a matter of rider preference. Lower bars are chosen by skilled riders for gaining stability and control. As a tip, avoid making your scooter handlebars wider than it’s height. It can make for a very uncomfortable ride in addition to not being very stylish to more experienced riders.

For the most part, the best way to check height is by first choosing a scooter within the rider’s abilities. Test driving can help decide whether the height is correct or not. If you’re still not sure what height the handlebars should be, the following is a guide for pro scooter sizing, including bar height as well as deck height.

Scooter Handlebar Height Guide

Rider Height: 48 in/122 cm

Bar Height: 16 in/410 mm

Deck Height: 18 in/460 mm

Rider Height: 51 in/130 cm

Bar Height: 17 in/430 mm

Deck Height: 18.5 in/470 mm

Rider Height: 54 in/137 cm

Bar Height: 18 in/460 mm

Deck Height: 19 in/480 mm

Rider Height: 57 in/145 cm

Bar Height: 19 in/480 mm

Deck Height: 19.5 in/500 mm

Rider Height: 60 in/152 cm

Bar Height: 20.25 in/510 mm

Deck Height: 20 in/510 mm

Rider Height: 63 in/160 cm

Bar Height: 21.5 in/550 mm

Deck Height: 20.5 in/520 mm

Rider Height: 66 in/168 cm

Bar Height: 22.75 in/580 mm

Deck Height: 21 in/540 mm

Rider Height: 69 in/175 cm

Bar Height: 24 in/610 mm

Deck Height: 21.5 in/550 mm

Rider Height: 72 in/183 cm

Bar Height: 25.25 in/640 mm

Deck Height: 22 in/560 mm

Sizing values are rounded to the nearest inch, centimeter, or millimeter. These sizes are approximate; bar and deck height may vary as per the preference of rider. Handlebar and deck height should be adjusted to suit the height of the rider in addition to his preferred bar and deck height.

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