A look at Pro Scooter Accessories

In addition to the safety gear that is a must when riding a scooter, there are other accessories you may need, especially if you are going to be trying out some tricks, moves, and freestyle riding. First of all, your helmet is probably the most important accessory in your repertoire; it protects your head in case of accidents. Knee pads are also an important safety accessory as well as elbow pads and wrist pads. It’s important to have good, sturdy shoes to wear while riding as well. Not all accessories are gear-related. It’s crucial to have the best grips, whether you’re planning on doing tricks or not; it’s always a good idea to have a good grip for better control. You can match grips to the color of your scooter. If you’re going to be doing tricks, you’ll need some good pegs for grinding and landing moves. Pegs can also be matched to your scooter.

When you’re not riding, you need a scooter stand so that your scooter can remain upright, instead of just laying it down on it’s side and possibly getting it scratched. A scooter stand will help keep your scooter in perfect riding condition as well. In addition, there’s so many accessories when it comes to maintaining your scooter. You’ll need new wheels and brakes eventually; all parts aren’t meant to last forever. The following is a short guide to some pro scooter accessories you will be needing if you’re going to be a scooter rider, whether it’s just for getting from point A to point B or for trick riding and freestyling:


Best Kids Helmets

Helmets are probably the most important piece of protective gear you can wear. Make sure to buy one of the best kids’ helmets for your child when they first begin to ride; don’t let them ride without wearing their helmet. Additionally, keep a check to make sure the helmet still fits them as they get older. Adult riders are not different; they need to wear a helmet as well.

Helmets should be well-fitting and meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) guidelines. To ensure the helmet you’ve picked out meets these guidelines, look for a CPSC sticker either on the box or inside the helmet. The helmet should fit properly. TIP: Measure around your child’s head about an inch above his eyebrows. Select a helmet within that size range. The helmet should rest straight on top of the head, low on the forehead just above the eyebrows, and level from front to back.

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The straps should be adjusted for a snug fit; the helmet needs to fit snugly in order to be effective. TIP: New helmets usually include extra foam pads in varying thickness for adjusting the size to fit a child’s head. Make sure the chin strap is buckled on both sides. ALWAYS replace a helmet after a crash. Even if damage isn’t visible, it still needs to be replaced; crashes impact the helmet foam and can make it less effective in the event of another accident.

Best Pro Scooter Shoes

Good shoes are also an important piece of protective equipment, even though most riders don’t think of them that way. The best pro scooter shoes will not only protect your feet from injuries, but will give you a firm and sturdy foundation, increasing balance and movement. Make sure to start your child wearing good, sturdy shoes from the time the first learn to ride so that the habit will be instilled in them. Also, make sure shoes fit snugly and won’t come off while riding, getting tangled up with the scooter, and possibly causing injuries to your scooter as well as yourself.

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Wearing the right kind of shoes when riding your scooter is very important. Your scootering shoes should be durable, sturdy, and comfortable. Since your shoes can be a critical component in how you progress as a rider, make sure to never wear sandals or flip flops. The best style shoes for scooter rider is ”skater” style sneakers. Wearing super padded shoes will help prevent heel bruises and foot pain. High-tops will help protect your ankles if you have a tendency to beat them up and will also help prevent rolling your ankles as well. Don’t get any type of shoe that is flimsy or thin that won’t provide adequate support. When it comes to brands, it’s rider’s choice; just make sure not to choose running shoes, crocs, or slippers.

Best Scooter Stand

If you care about your scooter at all, you won’t want to just lay it down on the ground or lean it up against the wall in the garage or storage building. Getting the best scooter stand you can will help keep your scooter in optimal riding condition as well as keeping it from getting scratched and dented. Make sure to teach your child to use a scooter stand as well. Good habits are better kept when formed as children.

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When you’re not riding your scooter, you need someway to stow it; a stand is the perfect choice. A great way to keep your scooter from getting scratched from being laid down is by using a scooter stand. Scooter stands are an end all solution to your scooter storage needs. Most scooter stands are designed to fit most any scooter, even trick scooters with pegs and aren’t very expensive either. The base of these stands are sturdy and won’t tip over with your scooter, keeping it upright. Although a personal preference, most scooter stands come in a variety of colors; you can match one to your scooter for an overall professional look. Keep your scooter in optimal condition by always storing in a stand; don’t just throw it down or leave it laying in the yard or street.

Best Scooter Grip

Scooter grips don’t have to be replaced often, but sometimes it’s more a preferential choice instead of one of need. Also, some grips that come stock on a scooter may not be what type you prefer. You want to have the best scooter grip for better control and resistance to slipping. Scooter grips are actually an important part of your overall safety gear; the better the grip, the better control you have over your scooter.

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Handle grips come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials and are important in maintaining control of your scooter. Replacing scooter grips won’t happen often, but it is something you’ll run into. Knowing how to replace your grips quickly and efficiently will help you get back to riding your scooter faster. Every type of grip fits every type of scooter. TIP: Get a bottle of hairspray, peel the old grips back, and spray underneath them. This lubricates the bars and grips so that they can easily slide off. TIP: Thoroughly lubricate the inside of the new grips, as well as the top of the scooter bars, using the hairspray, and quickly slide both grips on and position them exactly how you want them before the hairspray starts to dry.

Best Scooter Knee Pads

Besides your helmet, knee pads are also a very important piece of safety gear, as well as elbow and wrist pads. Make sure to have your child begin learning to ride using all three types of pads. It’s best if all riders utilize all three pieces. As an adult rider, you can choose which pads you need, but you will definitely need the best scooter knee pads every time you ride. Remember to wear appropriate clothing as well when riding to help prevent cuts, scraps, and scratches that can accompany falls. Scooter riders should be aware of any exposed skin at all times and keep it at a minimum.

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Scooter riding, as with any other extreme sport, requires protective gear such as knee, elbow, and wrist pads. Riding without protective gear is a risk you shouldn’t take. Not only do they protect your from injuries, but they will also help you to feel more confident. Getting the best quality pads is a wise decision for anyone scooter riding for fun, for transportation, for trick riding, or freestyle riding. Knee pads often come in sets and allow users to enjoy the riding experiences with safety protection to their knees as well as their elbows and wrists. Most knee pads have adjustable straps for fitting all size of riders and offer custom flexibility, as do elbow and wrist pads, too. Sets can be bought that include two knee pads, two elbow pads, and two wrist pads. These are highly recommended, especially for children and those who are inexperienced. Protective gear should be worn at all times when riding your scooter.

Best Scooter Pegs

Scooter pegs come in variety of colors and styles. Not only are they used for tricks, they also make the scooter look more like a trick scooter or like that of a professional rider. Letting your child pick out his pegs is one thing you can absolutely allow him to do; after all, the color or style isn’t going to change the safety aspects. As your child grows older and begins to learn tricks, he may choose different ones to suit his needs. Trick riders are going to want the best scooter pegs which fit their riding style.

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There’s a limit to how many tricks that can be performed on your scooter without any accessories, such as pegs. Some tricks actually require the use of scooter pegs, such as stalls, peg grinding, stalling and spinning, and other awesome tricks. If you are serious about trick riding and freestyling, you need to have the support of a great pair of scooter pegs. Scooter pegs are for all riders who want a little extra stability when riding rails, ledges, or stalling on a ramp. Pegs can be helpful when it comes to pulling off a difficult trick as well, such as hang-5s and manuals. Be sure to get pegs that fit your scooter, are durable enough for tricks, and have a nonslip coating for safety.

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