Worlds 3 Best Scooter Tricks for Beginners to Try (2019)

best scooter tricks

If you are just starting to ride a scooter and are wanting to learn some cool tricks and moves, make sure you are wearing protective gear. Wearing protective gear can make the difference between getting a scratch or going to the hospital, so make sure you’re wearing it at all times when scootering. As a beginner rider, you[…]

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Scooter Handlebar Height Guide (2018)


Rider comfort is vital and knowing how to choose the correct handlebar size is important. Scooter handlebar height and width is based on the riders height for ensuring the best performance and comfortable freestyle riding. Although it depends on how a rider uses his scooter and his preferences, the rule of thumb for handlebar height is between hip[…]

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Get to know some of the Best Scooter Riders in the World


Scooter riding, which includes freestyle riding and performing various forms of tricks, is an extreme sport that is really starting to catch on more and more. The more popular the riders become, the more popular the sport becomes. Most scooter riders start at an early age, so it’s no surprise that most of those attracted to the sport[…]

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A Guide to Scooter Safety


Scooters are being used by people of all ages now. Not only are scooters being utilized as modes of transportation, but they are also a fun activity for kids and grownups alike. Scooters have even reached competition level riding. Incorporating tricks and freestyle riding can involve some pretty hard moves which can lead to an emergency room visit[…]

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